Resume of Sacha BOTZANOWKSI


My DUT (Technological University Diploma) diploma and many personal projects gave me the skills and the knowledge I needed to have in order to work in Networking or Computing.I’m looking for my first professional experience in the field of Networking.

My skills

*IPv4 and IPv6 routing, networking address translation

*access control lists

*vlans and wlans

System administration of Linux (debian) and Windows

Programmation languages : Java, Python

Website creation : HTML/CSS, Javascript and PHP

My degrees

Technological University Diploma in Networks and Telecommunication

Aix-Marseille Universite 2018-2020

High School Diploma (french baccalauréat)

with Mathematics speciality

Lycée Marcel Pagnol 2018

My Hobbies

-Videogames (Strategy, Management)

-Programming small game

-3D modelling (Blender)